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At the begining of 2015 as happens every year we recieve numerous letters from members of the public who feel we could help them for various reasons, all members of our charity have a meeting where they hear every letter recieved.

After hearing the letters we then go to a vote and hear why the members are for or against. Hollys letter was passed by all within the charity hear is the letter we recieved .

To whom it may concern

My name is holly and i am 3 years old. I have a rare kidney condition called Congenital Nephorotic syndrome . Since i was born i have had to attend LGI paediatric renal ward up nto 5 times a week for treatment which lasted 5 hours each visit.This involved being hooked up to a machine to administer a protein called albumin, which would draw all the fluid from my cells and blood. Then diruetics were given to make me wee, as i havnt been able to do naturally.

Without this i wasnt able to control the fluids and toxins in my body. This resulted in me having severe swelling to the abdomen, face and legs, being unable to eat or drink. I am anaemic which has to be controlled by injections once a week and i have hypothyroidism controlled by medication.

my daily routine is taking 12 different medications, calorie/protein powders that have to be addedto milk.

I already have had to have operations and had to spend too much time in hospital. My mum and Dad always have to be with me. Because of this i havnt been able to have any normal holidays away I have always to be in close range to a hospital that could treat me the same way as LGI  Visiting hospitals on holiday isnt very nice, and i would like to have regular normal holidays like my friends at nursery.

I have started nursey,but cant alwaysattend because of my treatment,i cant be included in fruit and milk time at school so have to take my own high calorie drink and yoghurt. i will soon have a large amount of time off because the doctors are going to take my kidneys away and replace them with one of my mums healthy ones, she is being the live donor. Hopefully i will be able to have my 4th birthday a week before surgery.

I have now reached end stage of renal failure. I am due to have both kidneys removed in march meaning i willl be dialysis dependant 3-4 times a week until transplant takes place in may. So both myself and mummy will be recovering for up to 3 months. Once we are recovered  and doing fewer visits to the hospital we would like to go on a short holiday. Mummy and Daddy wont be working while i am having the treatment so wouldnt be able to give me this gift as money is tight, and any holiday for me comes with an expensive insurance. Please help me have a special holiday .

Thank you

Holly, Natalie and Chris Wilson

As you can see this is a incredible letter by a incredible family who since this letter has battled through them both having the operation and are both recovering well. As a get well soon present we sent Holly a big slide for her garden all pictures of her are in our gallery a true fighting princess!!!!!!!

TV Gameshow

TV Gameshow

20th Jun 2014

A good night was had by all. All contestants walked away with something and more money raised in the process. We had THE PRICE IS RIGHT, BLOCKBUSTERS and THE CHASE amongst others and the grand final.

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New Event - Friday 7th April

Name: CASINO NIGHT - in aid of the Corra Charity
Friday 7th April 7.00 pm at Girnhill lane W.M.C, Featherstone 

£10 Entry fee with complimentary chips



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2017 Annual Bike rides

Ladies: Sunday 4th June 2017

Route to be confirmed


Mens: Sunday 3rd September 2017

Route to be comfirmed

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Children's Charity Walk 

Monday 1st May 2017


2017 Presentation Night

Friday 20th October 7PM

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